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The art of putting cock and balls between your legs so they are hidden/nestled in your gooch area not visable from the front. The dance is the waddling motion that comes from not wanting to re-expose your package. Can also be used to catch out friends when they are entering a room. you owe them a dig if they look at your chicken.
girlfriend come out of bathroom
bf;"hey look babe im just like you"
bf doing chicken dance
gf "your an ass-hole, put your pants back on"
by wallsawalls January 02, 2008
a last minute/really poor attempt at something that should've been done a long time ago, with three or four times more effort.
ahh mate, the coursework i handed in was such a shit and sellotape effort. i thought the deadline was in a week!!
by wallsawalls October 28, 2007
Putting cock and balls between legs; i.e the chicken dance, then setting pubes on fire. so your general crotch area looks like 'a woman on fire' Usually used as a forfeit in drinking games.
man, my forfeit was that i had to do the woman on fire, it looks nasty down there...
by wallsawalls January 02, 2008
setting the scene;
Your drunk on a night out, you meet a girl, you go back to hers/yours and have drunk sex.
Now it's the morning, you wake up with an almightly hangover and whoever you've pulled.
No-matter if shes the hottest girl you've ever seen or the worse you've ever seen you will still have (or at least try to have) sex...because you have 'the hangover hots'
friend 1: yeah i took her back to mine and we had sex, then again in the mornin

friend 2: was she hot?
friend 1: not really

Friend 2: well why did you go again in the morning then?
Friend 1: Had the old Hangover Hots
Friend 2: Textbook
by wallsawalls June 10, 2009

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