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What nerds call the internet.
Paul: I'll just find my daytimer and...

Dave: Daytimer?! What is this, 1965? I just sync my iPhone and my MacBook Air through the cloud!
by W_L March 03, 2009
A slang name for Saskatoon (the biggest city in Saskatchewan).
Yeah boyee that's how we do it in the Stoon!
by W_L September 26, 2009
Short for Wikipedia, "the free encyclopedia."
Did you know that Laura Bush killed a guy? It's true. I looked it up on The Wik.
by W_L January 20, 2009
In social networks, a defriending frenzy is a situation where an oversupply of friends leads to rapid, out-of-control deletion by the account owner. This situation often results in the accidental deletion of real friends, leading to refriending requests.
John: What's this friend request? I thought we were already friends...

Dave: Sorry dude, I went into a defriending frenzy last night and accidentally deleted you
by W_L August 30, 2010
A nice way of saying goodbye
See you later

Peace In Your Crease
by W_L May 24, 2010
The refined way of saying "talking out of your ass"
Father (to son): Watch the skies, boy! There's chemtrails EVERYWHERE!!
Mother (to father): Honey, you promised no more speaking from your rectum during dinner...
by W_L January 07, 2010
The male ass
I'd be feeling better with my hands up on your manilopes
by W_L May 24, 2010

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