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Origin: Skinhead.

To prop someone's mouth open against a concrete curb and then stomp the back of their head. Freuqently resulting in separation of the lower jaw from the skull.
Damn, they got guy got curbed.
by w3rd October 29, 2003
-A ghetto
-A particularly dangerous ghetto
-Compton (LA)
It's a war up in this jungle, to many nizzels bustin caps.
by w3rd March 25, 2003
To pull off the ultimate troll.
OMG, did you see 90% of the internet get klerck'd by that Two Towers petition?
by w3rd October 29, 2003
The act of a messageboard administrator imposing nazi-like rules on his messageboard. Made famous by Clay of www.squabble.org
OMG, did you see Steve Gibson go Claydolf on shacknews? What a wanker!
by w3rd October 29, 2003
the feeling you get in your groin after fragging someone in a computer game.
OMG, I just railed fatality, I'm having a fragasm.
by w3rd October 29, 2003
1.See definition for Hood
2.See definition for Sexy and Hot
3.The sexiest Canadian alive.
1. God Swifty is my fucking idol.
2. I want to explore the hood.
3. Oh Day-um
by w3rd November 07, 2004
An insult, used to reprimand someone who is becoming too emo.
Dude, don't get all madgrad on me. NOC.
by w3rd October 29, 2003

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