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One of the many ways to spell the word that sounds like 'word'. There are many different meanings and each meaning has a different spelling. The word w3rd refers to the 'that was dope' side of the meaning. When someone does something cool one would reply with 'w3rd'. Similar words would be 'werd', 'whurd', 'wird', 'ward', 'whard', etc. There are many different words, and they all have specific meanings.
Guy one: Shizzle my nizzle my brother. That was stupid fresh, don't you think?
Guy two: W3rd!
Guy four: Thanks guys!
its means to agree with some one
nik:dude that sucked hard
kyle:w3rd yo
by Kyle Speer September 20, 2003
word-sweet,very cool, right on, thats sounds good,ok
You should die Sam-w3rd
by Sam December 27, 2002
Used by gamers to indicate agreement. A substitute for "word," it can be typed with only the left hand, leaving the right to remain on the mouse.
Gamer 1: heading around the left, you go right
Gamer 2: w3rd
by swoosh.swoosh March 21, 2011
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