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To pull off the ultimate troll.
OMG, did you see 90% of the internet get klerck'd by that Two Towers petition?
by w3rd October 29, 2003
28 9

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(v) to kill one's self in a dramatic and widely advertised manner.
Herschel finished updating his Livejournal with a lengthy suicide note and klercked himself.
by gyoza1138 April 15, 2009
5 1
A racist piece of shit.
Look, Sally, my klerck is attacking my other turd just because of that piece of corn. It's amazing to think someone could be such a racist piece of shit.
by Richard Dean Anderson August 12, 2003
11 17
n, The ULTIMATE Troll
klerck fucks sheep, while the queen mum fellates his bum, and the knights bukkake princess di's dead corpse
by Jerry Falwell January 25, 2003
7 16