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statement of shock
"i say old chap i seem to have got that lamp shade you left here stuck up my rimper" "flipping heck thats a bit of a bugger"
by w&f January 17, 2009
a man that lets his private parts hang out at partys or plays with himself in public places in the hope that someone will see him.
"good hevens see that bloke parked outside that shop" "yeah he's been thair for ages" "i know i went past him before and the dirty sod was slapping his salami" "oh he must be a rigby pest, just keep away the other day somebody was raming his car with shopping trollys and it just made him slap it harder.
by w&f May 04, 2009
a passage way allowing rear entry to somewere, someone or something.
"do you mind iff i throw this large pole up your back entry old boy" "no not at all thair's plenty of room iff you have any other large things to go with it"
by w&f May 03, 2009
big hole in the ground with gigantic mutant carp in it, thay feed on pva bin
bags full of pig swill, used cat litter, fihermans leftovers and cattle feed.
anglers can use the full contents of a pet shops suply of animal and bird
feed in a two day fishing sesion.
"you'v been to a fish monument" "yeah didnt bother me" "flipping heck did you brake your rod" "no i use pandafodder"
by w&f January 18, 2009
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