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the splash that enters your butt due to your sphincter not being fully closed, once you drop a hefty turd
"john took a solid dump, one of the turds was so big it gave him a butt geyser"
by Vladboy11 November 20, 2011
when you get so cold that your wiener has shrinks in size so drastically that it becomes hard, yet not erect, in other words a hard chode usually accommodated by your scrodom looking like an old bee hive
dude when we went sledding it was so cold i got an arctic boner, took me hours to return to normal
by Vladboy11 January 12, 2012
the act of combing ones butt hairs to retrieve lint and old crusties
While i was in the shower i went on a five minute long butt safari and found a plentiful amount of lint and crusty poop
by Vladboy11 November 13, 2011
the little fat roll that shows up just below the armpit when a girls bra is overly tight
dude that girl has some wingees on her back today
by Vladboy11 April 20, 2011
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