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Aknowledgement that a statement is particulary insightful or profound in it's precision or clarity.
"Some people have a lot of difficulty communication clearly."
by vinnie April 10, 2004
A diss like "fuck you", but much harsher!
Bob: "I like Canada"
Steve: "I hate Canada"
by Vinnie February 21, 2004
a decent university located in the East Coast
I wish I can go to Colgate but my grades sucked
by vinnie January 19, 2005
An expression of sadness, remorse, guillt or distress. Not an epithet, rather an admission of sorrow.
"Dude... you dog just got run over. You know, your favourite dog."

"Oh... Rover... purkle :-("
by vinnie November 01, 2004
japanese racial slur from a WW2 era popeye cartoon episode.
"your a sap, mr jap. you make the yankee's cranky"-sung by popeye
by Vinnie March 26, 2003
An expression used in angst, despair or surprise. Derived from ancient MS lore.
"Fckgw! Look at them hice!"
"How the fckgw did that happen?"
"Wow, I'm really fckgwed now"
by vinnie February 03, 2003
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