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32 definitions by vic

Short for you are gay. It can only be used as a stand alone sentace
by Vic August 01, 2003
6 36
although they had past problems with kinda have to give them credit..cause 90 percent of the world wouldnt fight agaisnt america...and if u woul..u could fight agaisnt anyone, so now that we're allies germans and Ameircans are probably the best fighters..even though America and Great Britain are the most powerful allies in the world.
my grandfather was stationed in Germany when Adolf shot himself.
by Vic September 20, 2003
45 91
ultra fetch - a state of ultra coolness
that new purple bag is so UF!
by vic September 09, 2004
23 75
Chocolate Tunnel
The thing in your botty that poo's come out of
by vic December 21, 2003
7 125