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Windows XP is like any other Microsoft program. You get to share your opnion on how things should work and get to send a report every time things go bad.
and they gather all that info, put it on a harddisk several terrabytes big, and do nothing with it. they just keep creating trash sofware so you can keep sharing your opnion. they like that, that way the coders get the attention they don't get at home.
A computer without a Microsoft operating system is like a chocolate cake without mustard.
by vermin March 20, 2004
A system to keep a look on events.
by vermin October 22, 2003
too sentimental
Mary really wanted to see that sheezi movie.
by vermin March 20, 2004
A place for hippes and drug-users, a forever long purple world in all kinds of shapes. Opposite to Hell: A place for RnR fans, a place with a everlasting long electric guitar intro.
Hippes goes to heaven, RnR fans goes to hell.

Last to the devil is a moron!
by vermin October 22, 2003

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