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1.An amazing woman.
2.Someone who possesses inner and outer beauty, kindness, strength, a strong will, and stays true to her friends.
3.A woman who is sometimes impulsive or at times doesn't make the best decisions, but who's good character makes up for it.
4.A chick who's got wicked style.
All my friends suck.
You need a Lucette!

Mom: Is that a tattoo on your face!?!
Kid: Yeah. Sorry, I know you didn't want me to get it... But I still got the volunteer job at the old age home.
Mom: You're such a Lucette. I love you!

Looks like you're trying to pull off a lucette with that new haircut.
by Vancitychick May 03, 2013
What The Mother Fucking Shit
Ralph: Yo, I wrote an extra 1000 words for the essay.
Cameron: WTMFS .
by vancitychick February 20, 2011
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