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A phenomenon that occurs in restaurants, most frequently at midmorning on a Sunday. A typical Algonquin Roundtable will consist of at least 3 elderly couples, preferably 5 or more. They will be seated as follows: all men on one side of the table, all women on the other side, each person facing his or her spouse. They will have all just come from church services, and will be dressed in their (often very loud) Sunday best. In addition, one of them, almost always a man, will be speaking so loudly and authoritatively that he dominates all conversation, not only at the table, but in the entire room.
We had to wait awhile for a table at IHOP because an Algonquin Roundtable was in progress.
by uwg April 26, 2008
Bathroom, restroom, lavatory. Any room containing a toilet and a sink.
He has such a low tolerance for alcohol that one beer will send him running to the Room of Porcelain Fixtures.
by uwg October 23, 2006
Derisive name for Starbucks. May also be spelled with dollar signs, thus: $pendbuck$.
Why should i go to Spendbucks when i can get coffee cheaper at a gas station?
by uwg August 21, 2006
Artificial sweetener. So called because the most common brands, Sweet-n-Low and Equal, are available in pink and blue packets respectively.
You need any pink and blue for your coffee?
by uwg August 08, 2007
The world's greatest euphemism for masturbating. Coined by Jeff Foxworthy, of all people.
They give you a plastic cup and a Playboy book, and you take it in the back room and do what you're good at!
by uwg October 15, 2006
Masturbating, knowingly or unknowingly, to pictures or video of a person who has passed away. (The pictures or video must have been taken while said person was alive, otherwise the act is sick instead of merely creepy.)
Ami Jordan died last week? Why didn't anyone tell me? Shit, that means I've been necrobating all this time!
by uwg June 22, 2010
On a website, when a hotlinked image cannot be found, either because it's been deleted or the site that hosts it has become inaccessible, it will be replaced by a small white box with a red X in it. This is known as a "sexy red X".
Hottgurl69 says she posted her picture in the forum, but all I saw was a sexy red X.
by uwg May 26, 2007

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