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A famous person who has no discernable talent other than being famous.
Paris Hilton is a professional celebrity.
by uwg September 24, 2006
Misinformed, typically by Fox News or similar. From a sign seen at a Tea Party rally: "Thank you Fox News for keeping us infromed."
Guy 1: Obama's gonna take away my guns and force me to get gay-married!

Guy 2: Wow, sounds like you've been well-infromed.
by uwg March 21, 2010
A Neoconservative. One who accepts the RNC talking points without question. From an advertisement which appears on most right-wing blogs: a muscular man claims you can "master your body weight" via exercises that appear to involve humping the floor.
I knew I was making a good political point when all the floor humpers started calling me a libtard.
by uwg August 20, 2006
The perfect society envisioned by the Ayn Rand worshiper. In Randtopia, selfishness is the highest moral virtue, corporations are ennobled, capitalism is unfettered, all endeavors are privatized and for-profit, government does not exist (except for making war), there is no taxation, Socialism/Liberalism is banned, and if you're poor it's your own damn fault.
The Tea Parties are the first step to transforming America into Randtopia!
by uwg April 25, 2009
The condition or quality of being a redneck. From an episode of "Squidbillies", in reference to Plumber Bubba, a Larry the Cable Guy type comedian.
You ain't no plumber, and I'm havin' serious doubts about your bubbery!
by uwg November 19, 2006
Something incredible is going to happen soon and I am very excited about it.
"Hey, did you hear? Soundgarden are back together and they're gonna be touring again!"

"Holy crap, are you kidding? Oh man, my pants are completely off!"
by uwg January 27, 2010
The vast network of militia members that has been planning to overthrow the American government since Obama was elected president. Includes disgruntled Bush supporters, Libertarian Party members, Ayn Rand fans and survivalists. Named after Jim D. Adkisson, who shot up a Unitarian Universalist church in Knoxville because it was full of his hated Liberals.
My brother's gone off the deep end since the election. He's become a footsoldier in Adkisson's Army.
by uwg March 20, 2009

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