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10 definitions by uuuuuu

When a girl with very long hair cuts it short above her shoulders and it makes her look like the guy on the one dollar bill.
Why did she cut her hair?? It used to look so good! Now she looks like George Washington!

Damn, the George Washington Effect got her bad.
by UUUUUU April 04, 2009
18 5
The phrase to use when you want to tell someone to shut up and that they're full of shit at the same time.
Person 1: I'm so exhausted from working so hard on my homework!

Person 2: Shut your diaper!
by UUUUUU April 15, 2009
13 2
a gay man's asshole
Oooh, look at him. I bet he has a nice, tight fartpussy.
by UUUUUU April 04, 2009
13 2
The anger gays feel when people stereotype, especially with dumb shit.
You're a lesbian? Do you own a wolf?

No, you asshole! Now I'm gayngry!
by UUUUUU April 04, 2009
11 2
an uncircumcised penis
Did you see that thing? It looked like a graboid.
by UUUUUU November 23, 2008
23 14
A hip-hop loving lesbian.
Da Brat is one cool jiggalez.
by UUUUUU April 04, 2009
7 1
The grounds left in the bottom of a cup of tea. Tea + feces = teces.
I finished my tea and looked in my mug. There was a bunch of teces.
by UUUUUU April 15, 2009
6 1