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This hot ass actress with a perfect ass. Her tits are very round and perfect. every man gets a boner when they see her in movies. she has a lot of talent.
fuck Jessica Biel's ass is amazing
by urban12323 June 15, 2014
Lois griffin is the mother of the Griffins, for the famous T.V. show, Family guy. It is safe to say that she is one of the most sexually appealing anime characters in history. Everything about her screams SEXY!! From her sexy seductive voice to her sexy perfect body she is the ultimate animated sex fantasy.
Person 1: Lois Griffin is really sexy!!
Person 2: I love her body!!
by urban12323 May 07, 2014
One of the hottest actresses over 40 in the world!!!! Everything from her head to toes screams sexy. Her ass it perfect, same goes for those tits!!!! even young men want to bang that perfect women. No man can watch a Sandra Bullock movie without getting a boner. Not to mention her amazing acting ability. She goes beyond perfect!!
Fuck Sandra Bullock is perfect
by urban12323 June 15, 2014
Shakira is a Colombian singer/songwriter. She is a judge on the voice U.S. and was the singer of the 2010 world cup song. She is possibly one of the most sexually attractive women on this planet. she as is AMAZING, her breasts are AMAZING, her sexy Colombian voice is AMAZING, her perfect legs are AMAZING. it is nearly impossible to find someone with a sexier ass than Shakira, it is beyond perfect. her body is just perfect, not to mention her funny and cheery personality. She sure knows how to turn a guy on with those hips and ass!!
Shakira is so SEXY!!
by urban12323 May 14, 2014
A actress/singer with an amazing ass, tits and all round perfect body. there is not a single man on this earth that wouldn't take the chance to fuck her hard. she is so amazingly hot that she can make even teenagers get boners. most teens have wet dreams about their faces getting shoved in that bouncing gorgeous booty of hers. they also have wet dreams about eating her out. she truly is the definition of sex and milf. she has incredible acting and singing ability and also the ability to turn a man on with her orgasmic body.
i really wanna fuck Jennifer Lopez!!!
by urban12323 June 16, 2014
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