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thin cardboard discs about the diameter of a half-dollar coin. the term "pog" comes from a bottled fruit punch in hawaii, with the primary flavors {p}assion fruit, {o}range and {g}uava; the cardboard discs would come out of the lid.

after a while, pogs caught on in mainstream US culture, so companies sold the discs minus the drink and bottle. the mass produced pogs were decorated with lil pictures.

pogs are utilized in a game in which they are stacked up in lil piles. the players throw heavy, thick discs of plastic or metal (about the diameter of the pogs) at them. when the pogs settle after being bashed, whichever ones land face up are kept by the thrower of the slammer. the one with the most pogs wins.

pogs are no longer popular. like furby they were simply a fad that died out.
bill: let's play pogs!
pill: wtf pogs arent popular anymore
by unusu-al June 29, 2004
one drug in the ssri (selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor) family of antidepressents. others include paxil, effexor, prozac, luvox, etc.

ssri's have *supposedly* been linked to suicides in teens. but i'm still alive and not feeling remotely depressed. though i think that therapy is working better than zoloft.

any side effects are usually gastrointestinal (i.e., throwing up, hershey squirts, etc.). but that is rare.

the emblem of zoloft is a little emotional hard-boiled egg that hops around chasing butterflies when he's happy. my friends insist he's just a ball, but i ask you, have you ever seen an oval ball?
the lil zoloft egg was depressed before he took zoloft, but now he likes chasing butterflies.
by unusu-al August 31, 2004
one of the 2 most commonly used words in the english language (the other is um)

this can also be used when searching for the right word
reporter: santa, how much do you pay your elves?

santa: uh...well we...uh
by unusu-al December 07, 2003
one of the 2 most commonly used words in the english language (the other is uh)

usually it means that the speaker is searching for an idea (or at least thats usually when i use it)
reporter: y is the segway too redundant?

dean kamen: um...that is...um well...
by unusu-al December 07, 2003
really cool media player. for one thing, it has all sorts of nice obscure plugins that play all my favorite old song formats (i.e., .sid, .gym) from, like, the c64 and the sega genesis.
bill: omg auf wiedersehen monty is so intense
pill: ya but even more so if u listen 2 it through sidamp which is a winamp plugin
bill: also i like zero wing music
pill: once again it's only truly experienced through a winamp plugin
by unusu-al October 10, 2003
water and land dwelling (amphibious) creature known for being green, having long hind legs for jumping, and eating bugs by flipping out its sticky tongue at them.

the tongue of a frog is backwards compared to a human's; it is hinged toward the front of the mouth so it can lash out to get bugs. when on land they breathe through their skin.

frogs are a popular choice for dissection because while they aren't as accurate to the human anatomy as monkeys are, they are much cheaper. they are raised expressly for dissection, unlike cow eyes and fetal pigs, both of which are byproducts of the meat industry.
1. i dissected a frog in anatomy.
2. i caught a frog down at the pond!
by unusu-al December 30, 2004
an audio format in the mpeg compression family. by removing frequencies that are higher or lower than the human hearing thresholds file size is significantly smaller than that of a wav file, which includes all frequencies, audible or not.

mp3 has become synonymous with music piracy, though that isn't neccessarily so. even p2p file sharers like kazaa are completely legal...it's only some of the content that isn't
riaa: mp3's are bad! napster is bad! burn fossil fuels!

me: stfu shitcock
by unusu-al August 31, 2004
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