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One who engages in the act or practice of ingesting semen in a rapid or enthusiastic manner.
That Tiffany is quite the jizz gobbler.
#cum #swallow #cock sucker #blow job #skeet
by Unleashed52 August 24, 2008
An official holiday in which people wear their fanciest clothes, drink a high end beverage and smoke a fancy cigar all while holding their pinkies up. The holiday is to take place on June 14 every year and originated from the podcast Raise Your Spirits with Camm and Kevin in 2012.
I'm breaking out the Angel Cake Sweet Chardonnay for Fancy Nigga Day!
#raise your spirits #kevin moyers #camm harston #holiday #fancy
by unleashed52 June 12, 2012
An annual holiday celebrated on June 14 in which niggas dress and act as fancy as they possibly can. Originated on the podcast Raise Your Spirits with Camm and Kevin in 2012.
Get out your spats, top hats and the good booze! It's Fancy Nigga Day!
#holiday #june #podcast #celebration #fancy
by unleashed52 November 10, 2012
A mixture of bullshit and fuckery that exceeds absurd levels.
They're making another Twilight movie? Who allows this kind of fuckshittery?
#bullshit #fuckery #fuck #shit #nonsense #absurdity
by unleashed52 November 10, 2012
A holiday created for Atheists by author Kevin Moyers in his book "Brain Farts", which was published on May 15, 2009. Atheistmas is to be celebrated annually on August 11.
I can't wait to see what gifts I get for Atheistmas!
#atheist #holiday #august #celebration #christmas
by unleashed52 April 01, 2011
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