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When you jizz on some ones eyes when they are asleep. The cum hardens and crusts over, therefore acting as a cement for the eyelids. The victim wakes up, but can't open their eyes.
"I gave Jay the best angel cake last night. He flipped out when he couldn't open his eyes."
by Big N 44 March 31, 2008
Angel cake means vagina, basically. The whole female crotch area. Usually to be used when overwhelmed with the female form.
Woah James is in a forest with 4 naked chicks; that's alot of angel cake for one pork sword.
by Chambles and Thof August 11, 2009
Daryl Holmes, the notorious dark-haired wonder of St. Helen, Michigan. Spends alot of time with the girlfriend (Stashzilla) and child, or in jail
Don't pull an Angelcakes. I don't need to bail you out of jail again.
by Funeral_belle February 21, 2010
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