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Natural Body Magic is a fetish/interest for people who can detach parts without blood lose or injury and still control the parts, even in cases were the head is detached. This fetish is thought to be male dominated, but looking back at history, it's clear to see that there's only more male fetish artist. There's a reason why "La Guillotine" is feminine in french; most of the people who watched the beheadings were women.
The girl was very interested in taking her dolls apart and playing with the parts. She was also very interested with the story of Sleepy Hollow and would spend hours obsessing over it. Due to this, she developed a detachment fetish, otherwise known as NBM (natural body magic).
by unknownuser June 29, 2012
A company that sells hacks for money over PayPal. They are well known for selling broken hacks. VA's (Virtual Advantage's) DayZ hack users are often globally banned (GB'd) upon injection (when one attempts to load the hack into the Arma II OA "DayZ" client) by BattlEye (a different company that works against cheaters in video games). VA is also known for a female, Jasmine. She works as an admin for VA and many members of the hacking community refer to her as an annoying, fat, bitch.
Virtual Advantage's hacks are shit! I just bought them today, used them once and I am already GBed. I asked for help and all I got was that fat, annoying, bitch Jasmine. What a joke!
by UNknownUSer July 03, 2013
A hunch formed on your back from taking the drug Ecstasy. Ecstasy is commonly known to give users back problems, an "e hump" is the effects on your spine from taking Ecstasy.
Oh my! You're gunna have to stop doing ecstasy.. Look at the e hump you're getting!
by UnknownUser August 02, 2005

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