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3 definitions by unicorny

When you feel so embarrassed for someone that it makes you physically uncomfortable, often to the point of cringing or shuttering.
Whenever I try to watch Bush try to massage the German Chancellor it makes me feel igry.

"Mom, stop trying to act cool. You're making me igry."

by unicorny July 30, 2006
42 13
antiquated interchangeable with "doggy style" to describe the sexual position.
When my female counterpart and I tired of missionary style intercourse I flipped the bitch over and we went at it in the dog fashion. HAZAA!
by unicorny July 30, 2006
10 0
Short for Foster's Home for Imaginary friends. When kids get too old they don't need imaginary friends anymore so they stay at Foster's until they get adopted by another child (presumably with no imagination of their own).
Foster herself is a little old lady who still has her imaginary bunny friend.
Mr. Unicorn, we regret to inform you little Stacy is dead, so you'll be staying at Foster's from now on.
by unicorny July 30, 2006
17 14