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A painful form of torture used on small, weak boys who either havnt hit puberty yet, or have squeaky voices and enjoy schoolwork.
One time I was peeing at the urinal when all of a sudden this kid Kyle who hates me wedgied me from behind, causing me to pee all over the floor, wall, and myself! Then he pinned me on the floor and rammed my underwear as hard up as he could. I started to cry and beg him to stop, but the underwear reached my head and I felt like my butt was ripping in half. Suddenly he stopped. Then he flipped me over and grabbed the front of my waistband. My eyes widened and I tried to say no, but it was to late. He slammed the undies upward, forcing them up past my stomach, past my chest. I screamed in pain as the wedgie crushed my balls and penis. The wedgie came up to my chin and Kyle let go. Just when I thought my punishment was over, he brings his fist into my balls as hard as he could, and my eyes popped out of my head. My vision went blurry and I tried to roll over, but I was hit 100 more times in the balls. he spit on my face and hung my underwear from the stall. I hung there in horrible pain in my butt balls and penis. That was a very painful wedgie!
by Unfortunate March 04, 2012
Hairy, Sweaty, Potato-headed men with infected piercings and bad tattoos, who are going bald and looks faintly necrotic. Bog Trolls such as these may hang around Loos in various *ahem* salubrious establishments, looking for blowjobs, 'candy' 'drugs' or both (he will supply the drugs, its the only way he can get his dick sucked). Will rant at 100-miles-an-hour about shit you dont care about like star wars.
bog trolls are also known as scarynic
by unfortunate March 17, 2006
A curved or bent penis.
Because of his Peyronie's disease, Liam has what the girls call a Boomer-Wang.
by UnfortuNate October 08, 2014

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