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quick witted response given when someone calls you a smartass that furthers your smartassness.
Bill to Bob: "You look like erectile dysfunction!"
Tom: "You know what erectile dysfunction looks like? I'm sorry man."
Bill: "Smartass"
Tom: "Better a smartass than a dumbass"
Bill cries himself to sleep.
by unemployed_tom May 31, 2006
a- act of affection performed by touching one's lips to something

b- Response given when someone is complaining about your behaviour or performance. Used sarcastically to show how little you actually care.
"give me kisses..."

disgruntled video gamer: "Man f u animal mother you get me every effing time!"
animal_mother: "kisses"

boss: "Tom, I am really dissappointed in your work ethic this month and wish you would stop playing video goames while on the job. Do we have an understanding?"
Tom: "Kisses"
by unemployed_tom May 30, 2006

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