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a term used by black people used in place of "hizouce" after it was stolen by white people to make up for the loss of car radios.
Come on mister slave lets get back to our Flipitie-Flopitie-Flo! (Mr. Garison)
by Unagi April 06, 2004
complete dismissal of a perfect relationship in a sudden fashion. Disregard for another's feelings or emotions.
Everything was going so well with my girl friend and then I got waneed. WTF!?!
by unagi November 18, 2004
A 1337 insult to a humiliating kill in a game, showing the lack of skill of the n00bie.
E.X. A shank in the back, a sniper shot to the face, a plane bomb to the face, a bazooka to the face (just about anything to the face)
You are now FLAN!
You have been FLANED!
Take the FLAN out of your ears and pay attention next time!
Use the FLAN n00b!
by Unagi April 06, 2004
A 1337 insult, esp when used in the context of a clan member recruted by you.
OMG u r such a goon
by Unagi April 06, 2004
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