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The sequence in movies where a person getting shot at procedes to take cover behind a thinner object than him/herself ie a lamp post, thin pillar etc, and parts of the person are sticking out either side, yet they still manage to avoid getting shot. (as seen in the first Saw movie and several bugs bunny cartoons.)
JP> Dude, how did you not get shot at paintball this morning?

Chris> I was deploying the Danny Glover Defence

by ultrachris2000 October 05, 2010
Going for what sounds like a nice quiet dinner at Pirates Steakhouse in Diep River, with such amazing company as Ryan and Ricky Fourie, Gareth and GF, Tanzyn, Lisa and Chris, when Ryan out of no where claims he had an Ex girlfriend in New Zealand by the name of Ahora, and all hell breaking loose from there onwards. Including facebook status hacking, homo erotic insults, midget/modget abuse, neighbouring table annoyance to mention but a few of the fun unplanned activities.
I laughed so hard i shat blood, but it still doesnt beat that one Pirates Monday
by ultrachris2000 September 28, 2010
When a person makes a phonecall to a place with a switchboard phone system and you proceed to get transferred around to various different departments for the duration of the call.
I called Midas Auto spares looking for a part for my car, but all i got was 10 minutes of Transfer Tennis
by ultrachris2000 December 09, 2010
South African Cape coloured slang for something that is really cool or sweet
Yoh that new Eminem track is Jits! (obviously a joke)
by ultrachris2000 September 30, 2010

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