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An annoying comment in the Polish language that means "as for the aces" or "what an ace".
Can also mean FAIL if used sarcastically.
co za asy......
by memememememee March 03, 2011
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Co za asy means ''What an ace'' in polish. It is a comment wich was posted on a video where a guy in Poland is moving some kind of couch in his underwear, and he drops it and breaks a window. Co Za Asy became popular when Ray William Johnson reviewed the video on his youtube show and mentionned the polish comment.
Dude 1: Co Za Asy!

Dude 2: Hahahahaha!

Dude 3: What the fuck are you talking about?

Polish dude: Ok, get over it...
by Mysteriousdude March 05, 2011
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“Co za asy” is a Polish phrase and video comment posted by YouTube user MrMal on a FAILblog video and later popularized through a webisode by YouTube personality Ray William Johnson. The phrase is roughly translated into “What an ace…” in English, though in the context of FAILblog video, it is likely the comment was written in sarcasm.
User 1: co za asy!
users 2 - 57: thumbs up!
user 58: phags!
by Martsigras March 09, 2011
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A supposed comment on a video called "Couch Mover FAIL" on Failblog's YouTube account. Ray William Johnson featured a screenshot of this comment in his video entitled "GET A JOB". The commenter's YouTube username was "MrMal" with capitalized "M"s. However the is no user on YouTube with this exact name, nor is there any comments saying "Co za asy" by a MrMal on the "Couch Mover FAIL" video. It is clear that the comment was made-up by Ray William Johnson in a bid to create a meme, which he succeeded in doing.

The phrase roughly translates as "What aces" in Polish.
Co za asy.......
by xAnne March 19, 2011
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If you've watched any popular YouTube videos lately, you might have seen "Co Za Asy" in the comments. It's being posted everywhere, and tons of YouTube users are voting it up. What the heck is Co Za Asy, and what does it mean on YouTube?

Well, it's a Polish phrase that was posted on a FailBlog video of some guys FAILing at moving a couch. Superstar YouTuber Ray William Johnson read some of the Polish comments -- including Co Za Asy -- out loud in a recent video. RWJ's video scored over 4 million views, which was apparently enough to turn Co Za Asy into a meme of its own. It even has a Know Your Meme page.

Google Translate says that "co za asy" translates into "What aces!" In other words, it was probably a sarcastic crack about the failed couch movers. YouTubers now use it as a synonym for "fail," indicating either that a video sucks, or that someone in the video has done something stupid and inept.
You: Hey dude, wtf are you doing with that couch?
Him: Im just.. im just.. oh nooo dammit "CRASH!"
You; just co za asy o.o!
by BBoyNYc March 13, 2011
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Polish phrase that has become sort of a meme due to a YouTube video by raywilliamjohnson. Translating to "What aces" it was left as a comment on a Polish viral video where a couch is pushed out of a second story window.
by EverythingUseless March 01, 2011
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A phrase used on every single Polish video on the internet - EVERY SINGLE ONE. Phrase popularized by RWJ in his =3 series.

Means "What an asshole".

Commenting with "Co za asy..." automatically guarantees that you have the top rated comment.
by 92BTTB92 February 28, 2011
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