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nice dreads dude
by tyrell April 12, 2003
el capitan of the tool family, loser extrordinairre, someone who has a big head and talks big game, but every knows this person is lame and shuns/clowns him/her
will cirimele is a powertool.
by tyrell April 23, 2003
Adtunes, (also Known as www.Adtunes.com) is a place on the internet where many young hipsters meet to find out information on how to load thier Cd players with cool music from TV Commercials, Sitcoms and Movies.
I found out the name of the band who sings that song in the Vonage commercial; thanks to Adtunes.
by Tyrell March 29, 2005
happening, going on, currently transpiring
what's burbilatin' mah brotha?
by tyrell April 17, 2003
having a twin brother and being a poofter with him
scored with primus
by Tyrell May 03, 2003
a party, soirre, or gala
ah shit nigga, we hittin that meeper up layta or twat?
by tyrell April 14, 2003

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