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6 definitions by tweaker93

lol to the point that you turn into a giant lizard that eats other lollers alive.
"Did you see that..... lollersaurus rex!"
by tweaker93 December 14, 2006
46 18
slang used by US Army personal. means or refers to anything or anything except "NO". usual used by soldiers when answering a question or letting know that you heard the speaker.
SGT: you tracking?

by tweaker93 November 28, 2007
45 33
total bad-ass warrior from the greek city-state of sparta.
were taken at a young age from their parents to learn the ways of battle and the code of a warrior (how to pwn everything and everyone).
a group of greek warriors, 300 spartan warriors included, held against the whole persian army.
by tweaker93 February 15, 2007
18 6
1. A queer person, usually attracts gays or has weird mood swings.

2. My roommate.
"OMG my roommate is such a queerasaur!"
by tweaker93 December 15, 2006
12 1
if you know how to count in japanese you know this means go to the bathroom.
"oh shit, i need to 544!"
by tweaker93 December 11, 2006
12 2
a car, usually a volkswagon bug, with surf racks and many personal adornments; fuzzy dice, feathers, recovered seats, souped-up engine, and stuff like that.
"where the mokemobile stay?"
by tweaker93 December 05, 2006
5 1