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The super hot actress from the movie hitman, also will be the new bond girl!!
Damn Olga Kurylenko was hot in that movie, #47 must have been gay not to hit that
by tunazz June 11, 2008
The nasty smell combination of twat and ass.
Jerramy-Hey did you smell Robin today?
Andrew-No why?
Jerramy-She smelled like tunazz!!!
by tunazz June 11, 2008
When a female quifes in a mans face after having a load of cum blown in her twat and while she is on the rag, causing a red and white tie dye effect on his face. A variation on a Winchester, and a head shot.
Damn I got the best winchester tie dye from that girl at the bar last night
by tunazz June 11, 2008
When a man is screwing a woman while she is on the rag, and as he makes every thrust he says cherry, after a little while he quickly exits the snatch and enters her ass, at the same time yelling chocolate surprise.
Hey whats up with the black eye?
Oh, I gave my girl the cherry chocolate surprise
by tunazz June 23, 2008
A girl who keeps a man only by her sexual skills.
Man why havent you ditched that bitch yet?
That bitch has me with her Venus Snatch Trap.
by tunazz June 15, 2008
When a female quifes in a mans face while she is on the rag. Splattering his face with blood. A variation of a winchester or a winchester tie dye
All I can think about is getting a head shot from you next time you are ragging out your snatch.
by tunazz June 11, 2008
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