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When you are having anal with a girl, and she gets shit on your dick. So you pull a "slip" shove it in her pussy real quick to get the shit off. Then finish the anal. So next time she goes to check out her vagina, she'll find a chocolate surprise.
Did you hear that bitch scream? Must be a chocolate surprise.
by Tom Clancey February 07, 2004
When one inserts M&M's into her vagina, assuming her lover is going to go down on her very shortly after.
Melts in your cunt, not in your hand.
by MahouKyuaChan January 02, 2005
A girl puts a bananna in her pussy(cut in half) and smothers her pussy in chocolate syrup, then you eat her out and while eating the bananna.(you can also do this with strawbery syrup)
I heard darius tried to give his girlfriend a chocolate surprise but he said it tasted more like fish then bananna

My girl was screaming bloody murder last night when i was giving her a chocolate surprise
by Andrew Kimball November 12, 2007
having diarrhea in a girls vagina then eating it out
nick gave his dream girl, eryn, a chocolate surprise
by fdawg34234 March 21, 2012
its when you are behind a male, you take your thumb, and stick it within his bum, then you use your other fingers, to manipulate his balls, in a way that is most pleasurable
hey man, would you care for a chocolate surprise?
by ashley morss January 23, 2007
When one excretes their own feces into the mouth of another, much like eating a chocolate bar, or warm chocolate ice cream
When the bitch wouldn't suck me off, I gave her a chocolate surprise!
by farttroll February 27, 2003
When a guy or girl take a massive shit into their sexual partners mouth
I gave Jimmy a chocolate surprise last night
by robowolf May 03, 2016
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