14 definitions by tucker

n. feet resembling those of a stinky hippie, dirty.
That fellow has grocery store feet to the max.
by tucker November 13, 2003
female gynacologist who takes advantage of her patients
Tasha went to the vaginologist and she got her ass probed
by Tucker March 16, 2005
noun-a person/place/thing/idea that is extremely cool. "Greg's a savage"

Adj-describing something as "savage" meaning extremely cool. "That was savage"

Commonly shortened to "Sav", but it holds the same meaning.
That was so savage. You're such a sav.
by Tucker July 17, 2004
(n) Ten is any high quality weed
(v) The act of smoking weed
(n) Dude we met up with billy and he hooked us up with some ten.
(v) Dude you want to ten?
by Tucker February 22, 2005
really really long donga (preferably 2 metres)which is skinny (about 14mm)that my friends, is a doche.
Silky u doche!
dochey lad!
by Tucker December 03, 2003
A head garment made out of polyester usually warn by ghetto black people.
"That red n black du rag u got on is whack"
by Tucker April 20, 2004
N: The dominant male in a homosexual relationship who prefers being on the receiving end. Hence the term "bottom"
Kenny was yelling at everybody all night, but we laughed knowing that he was getting stuffed all night since he is pat's power bottom.
by Tucker August 18, 2005
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