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Meeting of world leaders. Also an excuse for 'protesters' to riot and burn down a city.
person a: hey man the g-8 summit is at sea island lets 'protest'
person b: what exacty are we protesting?
person a: uhhh...theres free punch
person b: ohhh well why didnt you say so
by tuce May 17, 2004
a french person
napolean was such a mouchet
by tuce January 18, 2004
To be good at something, like a pro, while still being an amatuer.
Originates from "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater"
1. Nice one man that was pro style
2. He is pro style at the drums
by tuce March 10, 2004
awesome show with neal cavuto on fox news.
person 1:did you watch your world today?
person 2:fuckin a man thats the best show ever.
by tuce January 19, 2004
In rugby when the other team sees the ball has left the scrump
"balls out," go tackle him
by tuce February 17, 2004
The one day of the year when it doesn't suck to live in Savannah.
I got river faced on shit street
by tuce March 18, 2004
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