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2 definitions by tsoot

Being caught masturbating, leading to something awesome, including relationship.
Me: Remember how my hot roommate walked in on me masturbating awhile ago?
Friend: Yeah.
Me: right, we started dating and now we're celebrating one-year anniversary. Masturfate.
by tsoot April 18, 2010
A scale originally invented by the Great Zyzz, son of Zeus, brother of Hercules, father of Aesthetics. It measures the level of leanness.

6. Lean
5. Cut
4. Ripped
3. Shredded
2. Sliced
1. Decapitated

Where shredded and above are the only maintainable level of leanness.
CurlBrother89: Dude, I'm totally a 2 on the lean scale.
BrotherBicep: I saw the picture. You're hardly even a 4. Get back to curling.
CurlBrother89: Oh, OK.
by tsoot November 10, 2010