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1. generally known as a type of plant, varieties including sheep sorrel, wood sorrel and french sorrel (edible).

2. a description of a horse's colouring; reddish-brown.

3. a character in the noel coward play, 'hayfever'.

4. a grumpy female with eccentric tendencies, a habit of talking far too much and obsessions with cats, tea and spliffs.

1. 'oh look, there's some wood sorrel growing by that tree . . . '

2. 'i would say that horse is sorrel in it's colouring . . . '

3. 'do you know who played 'sorrel' in hayfever . . ?'

4. 'i feel like having a cuppa and talking about cats' 'really? you should go and see sorrel then . . . '
by true_pictsie February 13, 2009
1.(n) when a large cactus has grown in such a way that a chicken appears to be on top, with it's 'wings' spread as though he were crucified.

2.(excl) a expression of surprise, usually positive. can be suffixed with 'christ on a bike', for added impact/effect.

1. sorrel: 'good lord, look at that cactus!'
vinnie: 'that's a sweet cactus chicken jesus!'

2. matt: 'hey guys, we still have some beers left!'
vinnie: 'sweet cactus chicken jesus (christ on a bike)!'
by true_pictsie February 13, 2009

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