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the term given to womanising, setting speed cameras alight, popping ecstasy, viagra and then fucking a cake.
"Got up to some crazy mactivities last night, can't remember half of it, but I managed to bed a Victoria'
by trippyqueen August 30, 2012
The term to describe a delusional, mentally unstable but thoroughly lovely old woman, who thinks she is black.
'Man 1: "Yeah bro this MKAT is fucking wicked."
Man 2: "Lemme have a key, wanna test it first"
Ethel Baumstein: "Ah no now me bwoys, dont a all ofchu be slingin all around dat sheeit on my home turf or yas gon be gettin yaself sliiiiiced up honeychile'
by trippyqueen August 30, 2012
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