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when a nigga conveniently forgets where he was, or who or what he was doing.
I busted Leron coming in late and smelling like coochie, and I asked him where he had been. All of a sudden he got nigganesia.
by treece December 22, 2005
booty, dick, and pussy.
After we had sex in the car, it smelled like boodisy.
by treece December 22, 2005
a person who is nosy, asking too many questions, or known for snooping around in other people's business.
"Man, my girl is always asking me questions about where I been. She need to quit being inch eye-private eye.'
by treece December 22, 2005
a dancer in a strip club. A strippe or exotic dancer.
Veronica is a bill collecta because she be collecting all those dollar bills in the strip club while she's dancing.
by treece December 22, 2005
a person who is nosy and or snooping in someone else's business.
Damon's girlfriend is straight up inspecta gadget. He caught her looking through his wallet.
by treece December 22, 2005
the characteristics, syndrome, or diagnosis of a nigga-- tardiness, stingyness, laziness, mooching, greediness, irresponsiblity, undependability, and falling asleep after eating. Similar to an illness.
The rap concert started late, cause Lil'Wayne was suffering from a bad case of nigga-i-tis
by treece December 22, 2005
a prostitute that walks up and down the street waiting for tricks or johns
My sister got strung out and became a foot soldier to support her habit.

by treece December 22, 2005

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