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when a sexually oppressed white girl from have sex with too many squishy soft white penises has sex with a man from latin african or asian descent and experiences an actual orgasm.
after having sex with only soft squishy pillow white penises for so long she finally had an orgasm when fucking the big black dick and the hard asian dick and spicy latino dick she had major white delight
by trebully November 12, 2009
What white people with their soft small white dicks say about asians because they are the more intelligent people. People in Japan NOT ALL ASIA have small homes cars etc due to overpopulation not because they are trying to say small is better to heatherpleather who is a fatass white mcdonalds obese bitch. asians statistically have the smallest dicks on average but only by CENTIMETERS they also statiscally have the HARDEST DICKS
whiteguy: hes asian so he must have asian penis syndrome

some educated person: asians have the smallest dicks by a centimeter compared to other races but have the hardest dicks u soft dicked inbred cousin fucking white boy
by trebully November 12, 2009
a prepubescent white boy who has a tiny i mean TINY penis and because he is white it is very soft. He likes to make fun of other races to make himself feel better about his very small and very soft penis.
Dang look at all these racist posts heatherpleather has posted...i can conclude he has a very small and soft white penis.
by trebully November 12, 2009

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