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lumcious: a word from the hood that refers to some unhealthy foods loaded with calories and colesterol and all sorts of whack shitz, but taste better than anythang you ever ate.
yo ma, that double fried bologna with swiss cheese and mayo with bacon bits on top of some bb que'd pork steak batter fried with onion rings was str8 Lumpcious
by toriano mac May 29, 2005
when a fat person wears the wrong clothes they are said to be glippiddy stuff like shirts or blouses that show middrift, or when a big or unshapely woman wears hip huggers or low cut trousers.
Yo son, Miss Jenkins was looking Glippiddyin that tight ass shirt with those hip huggers on!
by toriano mac May 29, 2005
when you have experinced the taste of somthing that is beyond compare,
Like when you eat a bacon samich with 8 pieces of bacon with a slice of cheeze and an egg. You say, man this mug was LO MO...
by toriano mac May 29, 2005
moose knucles: same as camel toe. a woman or girl with a fat cat print in her pants or jeans is said to have Moose knucles.
Damn, did you see the moose knucles on Shaniqua, str8 gave me a woody yo!
by toriano mac May 27, 2005
blootch: another way of saying You Beotch, you can call a girl a blootch oor even your hommies a blootch without being vulgar or offensive.
Yo Blootch, i waited five minutes for you to brang yo blootch ass out the house, Ya dumb son of a blootch.
by toriano mac May 29, 2005

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