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the anus of a young freckled ginger boy or ginger girl who doesnt seem to mind the clutter. and by clutter i mean a big chunk of red butthole hairs. as big as a thing of lettuce yet as red as raw hamburger meat.
Bro did you see paul dress out in the locker room? Ya his ring of fire was showing and it wasnt pretty to be honest it looked like either your uncle calvani got hot sauce on his mustache or he made a smoothie made out of clifford the big red dogs fur and the sauce that drips from your bootyhole while doing madlibs. Ya I wish he would wear underwear because to me it looks like a red husky went down a slip n slide.
by tophieCC April 21, 2010
the act of stretching your boner through the back of your legs so it is right below the ass cheeks and then jack off while its behind you like a tail. this act when in motion looks like your plunging your anus. it may also be referred to as "fluffing your garfield."
(bill)I got rejected again tom.

(tom) ah man im sorry to hear that. would you like me to plunge you off?

(bill)no thanks,i'll hit up pang instead.
by tophieCC September 15, 2010
Referring to a South American's (beaner) penis.
I was totally stoked when she said she'd suck my beanis.

Oscar,no one wants to see your shriveled beanis.

In my gym class I can always smell my friends beanis.
by tophieCC April 17, 2011
slang term for homosexual gingers for having unprotected anal sex with whoever needs to release and beCOME.
Marco got his mom to lactate in my tapioca pudding without me noticing and I ate it so to get back at him I convinced him to go grocery shopping with my gay ginger friend conner. Little did he know that the only thing they picked up from the grocery store was mayonaise,hot dogs,and a rubber chicken. Marco was confused as to why they went to a motel room. Lets just say the next day he woke up and looked like his penis either went for a ride in the rectum of a bloody babboon or his penis crashed into a red ant pile in the rain because his penis was caked in chunky crap and it had more dots on it then a winning grannys bingo card. Looks like hes guna have to go down the hand lotion isle for awile or at least the genital warts isle and feathered penis isle.
by tophieCC April 21, 2010
when you tuck your testicles back just like a bulldog or whatever you wana call it but you also stretch your penis back where its supposed to be with your nuts still tucked and the penis is so over stretched its bright red and it resembles rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.
I know its not christmas time but lets just say that rudolph the red-nosed reindeer has been visiting me.
by tophieCC March 11, 2010
Referring to when you stick your first two fingers in someone's anus and leave your thumb out on the cheek and start to squeez your thumb and first two fingers at the same time so your two fingers are massaging the inside of the persons anus and the thumb is massaging their buttcheek as well, thus resembling a trigger of a gun being pulled.
Bro, last night Johny was pullin' the trigger non stop!

Yo Dad, your pullin' the trigger like a pro!

I even practice pullin' the trigger with my step sister!
by tophieCC July 07, 2011
when a male has such big man titties that television shows have to censor or ban his breasts from being shown because the size of them are either the same or bigger than your average female
On family night I was watching a porno in the living room and I was really giving it to myself then suddenly what I originally thought I was a nice set of breasts were actually Kevin James' breasts with his shirt off in one of his movies, I was disapointed when realizing that the hairy thick chest wasnt on a woman, things like that need to be banned or MANned I still finished of course and went back for seconds when everybody fell asleep or should I say on everybody that fell asleep.
by tophieCC May 02, 2010
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