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the no handed clap is where a male is wearing loose pants or shorts and thrusts his hips as to make his balls smack on his legs
I did the no handed clap on the stage at school.
by Tony April 25, 2005
to be intoxicated. to be drunk to the point of memory loss and the possibily of pissing the bed becomes high.
If we drink all these 40's we're gonna be hosed.
by Tony April 03, 2005
Someone who has the tendency to fuck fat women.
Andrew has fucked so many fat girls, he has become an official hogfucker.
by Tony October 04, 2004
when you're out on a date with a chick and you suddenly feel the urge to drop a deuce. since you're just out on a date, you cannot leave to go shit, so you begin to squirm and become increasingly uncomfortable. the act of puckering up your A-hole makes you sweat like a whore in church.
While on the ferris wheel with Kelly, i got a bad case of the dump sweats, and nearly shit my pants.
by tony August 18, 2004
Robot I'd Like to Fuck
dude that evil terminator is a RILF fa sho
#rilf #robot #fuck #t-x #terminator
by tony July 15, 2008
the radest cartoon ever he the fricken best and if u say different ill mess u up HO!
Earthworm jim is so fuckin awesome hes kickass compared to spiderman
by tony April 06, 2004
Messin' around in the grass, preferably in a park, usually in the spring or summertime
Tony was macking it and wrastling in the park with Zimmerman's sister.
by Tony March 28, 2005
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