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Something that rates the amount of effort and skill you put into a piece of work, typically for school
Below shows how different races generally feel about their grades, in categories Other and Asians.

Grades to Others:
A= Above Average
B= Great!
C= Average
D= Below Average
F= Failure

Grades to Asians:
A= Average
B= Below Average
C= Crappy
D= Death (partially from parents)
F= Fucked (partially from parents)
#grades #asians #a #b #c #d #f
by Tony Huynh April 16, 2008
The man that YOU will probably meet some day.
Just kidding, he's the man that I'm gonna meet someday in a 'supposedly' 13 year-old's kitchen.

He stars on Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator, which is partners with Perverted Justice, the group that does all the chatting to pedo's and lures them to houses.
Chris Hansen is my enemy.

I'm not really a pedophile, by the way. I'll only be one when I begin to get desperate ;)

Chris Hansen has a weird but cool voice too.
#chris #hansen #pedophile #predator #nbc
by Tony Huynh April 16, 2008
A race that makes up 70% of MMOGs.

*Statistic is based on nothing
From South Park episode 1008 - Make Love, Not Worldcraft

Kyle Broflovski: Wow, look at all these people playing right now!
Eric Cartman: Yeah it's bullcrap! I bet half of these people are Koreans.
#korea #korean #koreans #asian #azn
by Tony Huynh April 05, 2008
A sensitive spot that brings much pleasure to a girl when rubbed.
If we can't find the clitoris, they make us feel bad.
#clitoris #pink #vagina #pleasure #yum #lol
by Tony Huynh May 02, 2008
A drunk fat guy in a red suit who broke my heart at a mall when I was little.
Santa Claus: Tony, have you been nice this year?
Me: Yea, Santa!
Me: :(...
#santa #claus #is #coming #to #town
by Tony Huynh May 02, 2008
A popular website for children (it's not for children!), teens, and adults. It is also the main feasting ground for pedophiles (Serves you right kids). A handful of people on MySpace lie about their age.
0H!M3s0H0rNy (MySpace age: 13, Real Age: 44): Hey, wanna get together sometime at your house when you're alone?

Amanda White (Myspace age: 87, Real Age: 12): Sure, you seem cool :)
#myspace #pedophiles #molest #addicting #comments #friends
by Tony Huynh April 16, 2008
Basically, a war between two bitter rivals -- North Korea and South Korea. North Korea attacked South Korea, but with the help of the Americans South Korea was able to fend off the North Koreans. Then, the South Koreans attacked North Korea, but North Korea was able to fend off the South Koreans.
The Korean War technically had no winner.
#korean #war #south #korea #north
by Tony Huynh April 16, 2008
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