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the FAIL term for MacBook Air, which, as we all know, is a weak little cousin of its bigger brothers. Super light, but really hampered by its lack of sufficient RAM and no upgrade possibilities.
Dude, this computer is SOOO SLOW, fuck!

well its cute, what is it?

Its a MacBook Error. i love it for its portability, i hate it for its little spinny ball of wait for ever.
#macbook #macbook air #mba #apple #laptop
by tommypjr April 28, 2010
a version of ultimate frisbee played in an urban setting where each hole is dictated by the next closest gowalla checkin to where you currently are.

to start, you check in at your current location, then you 'gowallaf' to your next location keeping score and trying not to nail too many innocent bystanders. the 'hole' is the establishment's marquee. once the score has been tabulated, you check in there and repeat.

best played with friends who are able to run from police or angry bystanders / establishment owners.
dude, what are you doing today?

bro, i am gowallafing the union sq area with some homies.

whoa! on a sunday! awesome, better wear your running shoes.

planning on it bro!
#ultimate frisbee #frisbee #gowalla #foursquare #urban games
by tommypjr May 19, 2010
when someone walks in on your bathroom stall in the middle of your audible pee stream because they were only paying attention to the position of the door lock and not the sounds indicating whether there might actually be someone in the stall.
oh, sorry, you didn't lock the door.

dude, audible lock fail! are you f**ing deaf? i'm peeing balls in here!
#bathroom #stall #pee #toilet #embarrassing
by tommypjr February 03, 2011
checking in on Foursquare long before your actual arrival at a destination.
Dude 1: 'yo you guys, scott just checked in so he must be here somewhere. we can order in a moment, hang on.'

Dude 2: 'cool dude, but i'm warning you, some of us are starving and running out of patience.'

15 min later.

Dude 2: 'Sumbitch! where is that dude? this is retarded!'

Dude 1: 'Damn bro, i get the feeling that Scott pulled a Premature Checkinulation. lets just order, fuck him.'
#checkin #foursquare #premature #ejaculation #location
by tommypjr April 22, 2010
Facilitating something you know will fail.
Against my better judgement I failitated an intro between my idiot roommate and this VC buddy so he can pitch his new magic website idea. He's gonna get so crushed.
#fail #failure #loser #facilitate #introduce
by tommypjr January 11, 2011
kind of like speaking in the 3rd person, only different. more like speaking in another voice, the nerd voice. geekspeak, technotalk.
you: 'Hey honey, check out this new iphone app. it rawks cuz it uses the accelerometer, the magnetometer and back ground notifications.'
your significant other: 'whaaaat? didn't we talk about not talking in the nerd person around the house?'
#geek #nerd #technospeak #techie #geekspeak
by tommypjr August 31, 2009
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