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Usually referred to (and mistaken for) as AA others may think of "Alcoholic's Anonymous". This is an elite group of mainly men, who cannot stop their urges for unwillful butt sex. Many members have joined, but the longest recorded record of one staying with the program was 72 hours. Statistics show that only 12% of members are looking for help, when the other 88% are there for more prey.
Guy #1: Hey man, did you hear about (name)? I heard he joine AA; I can't believe it!
Guy #2: Dude, no way! He never had a SIP of alcohol!
Guy #1: No dude, not AA, AA- Assraper's Anonymous.
Guy #2: Oh. Yeah, I can totally see that actually, he's a freak.
by tom-paul June 28, 2008
A common phrase that means to kill one's self; preferably with a shotgun to the head but the phrase does not have to be so specific to the ways in which one commits suicide. This phrase is usually used to emphasize one's failure in something, in return gettig "epic lulz".
Average white male #1: Dude, my girlfriend said I was a loser because I live with my mom.
Average white male #2: Dude, good Lord! Cobain yourself!
by Tom-Paul April 13, 2008
When the giz in one's ass drains out and smothers one's balls.
Dude I was bangin my GF in the ass, and she gave me assmilkyballs!
by Tom-Paul February 16, 2008
A question once phrased in Biology class, due to frustration to the ridiculous questions being asked in class. Can be used as a question to a hard task one is faced with (usually in frustration or anger).
Mr. D: O.K. class, tonight's homework is CH. 1 sections 1-4 and all review questions.
Tom (frantically flipping through his book): Good Lord!!! Why are there corn?
Tom P: What the hell did you just say?
Tom: Nevermind, man. You wouldn't understand my anger right now.
by tom-paul June 28, 2008
A fake, untrue illusion that many fall prey to believing in. Many Christians look towards God for guidance and direction in their life, but sadly they are only talking to the air.
Some Christian Kid: Do you believe in God?
Random Guy: No, I don't believe in things that don't exist.
by tom-paul July 10, 2008
Philosoph-aw (noun)
A philosophy that considers taking words with common "E" endings and trading them with an "Aw" ending. Par example: the word "biology" (if used in philosoph-aw) will now be pronounced "biologaw". Usually one emphasizes the "aw" ending for dramatic effect.
Paul: So, what class do you have now?
Tom: Well, fourth period, I haz BiologAW.
Paul: Hmm, anyone I know in that class?
Tom: Yesm. Michael, and BrittnAW.
Paul: Dude, what the hell are you doing?
Tom: Dude, it's my new philosoph-aw, look it up on urbandictionary.com, you whore.
Paul: Oh. Sounds good. Michael's a douche. We'll hangballs later.
by tom-paul June 28, 2008
An alternative to saying "hang out".
Dude, let's hang balls this weekend!
by Tom-Paul February 16, 2008
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