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A state of arousal reached when playing with your favorite Apple product (iPod, iPhone, iMac, etc).
Hey, did you see the new iTouch?.. I get iWood just thinking about it.
#ipod #itouch #itunes #apple #mp3 player
by todh October 03, 2007
A tight ass.
a) resulting from being in a tense or pressured situation
b) being uptight or generally harsh
Mike is totally sphincter tight about his job review.

Dude, my dad is being completely sphincter tight about letting me use the good car Saturday night.
#nervous #uptight #harsh #wound up #pressure
by todh November 06, 2007
To fail to perform well due to tightness, or nervousness under pressure and tension.
Man, the Raiders appear totally bowel-locked at this point of the season!
#nervous #tightness #pressure #sphicter #tight
by todh November 06, 2007
Digital Orgasm. Orgasmic feeling people get when using their favorite digital electronics product(s).
You should see my new Pioneer 52" 1080p plasma panel. I had a dorgasm watching it last night!

#digital #orgasm #electronics #consumer #excitement
by todh October 03, 2007
An argument in response to someone else's earlier argument. To differ with a point they made while differing with a point you have made.
Dude 1: Dude, Dubya is freakin awesome - the way he's keeping us safe!

Dude 2: I beg to differ with you - Dubya is whack. He's gonna get us all killed.

Dude 1: Re-differing - by fighting the war on terror overseas he's keeping all that crap away from us.
#differ #argue #rejoinder #rediffer #comment #disagree
by todh April 15, 2008
Wonderfulness achieved as a result of blending two or more items together. can be food items, ideas or even objects.
Did you see Will it Blend - Guitar Hero III - that was blendlicious!

Did you see Jason and Emily together? Aren't they blendlicious?

I'm making a blendlicious drink out of fruit and vodka!
#mixing #blending #objects #wonderfulness #items
by todh December 04, 2007
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