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A pound of something (lb)
"yo man, can you hook up a lub?"
by Todd August 02, 2003
A woman of beauty who lives on Sandusky who I love with all my heart.
Yadira is very bella. She is all mine though.
by Todd May 05, 2005
A Sticky situation as in problems between people/and or races.
"y0 shitz icky man...Fuck it"
by Todd November 20, 2003
the american version of the loch ness monster that lives in lake champlain
oh on mo its ogopogo
by Todd January 15, 2004
N. A stategy called out by members of the Orc race in Warcraft, which in English means "Produce, Produce!!!."

This stategy is implemented by creating 5 barracks and constantly producing 2-headed Ogres thus making it almost impossible to lose. An advanced use of this stategy involves attacking a rookie within the first 5 minutes of the game resulting in an emphatic "Holy Shit!!!!"
"Zug Zug"..."WE'RE BEING ATTACKED!!!!"
by Todd November 27, 2002
Yadiras boyfriend...
Yadira is the picture of a monogomous man.
by Todd May 05, 2005
10 90, otherwise known as a mullet.
Look at the memphis wig on the guy in the Camaro.
by Todd August 06, 2004
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