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An increase in the population of homosexuals at a social gathering, in a workplace or another public space. Not including pride festivals or gay bars.
"Woah, have you noticed the new hires are all gay?"

"Yeah, looks like we have an ingaysion on our hands."
by tkltkl February 15, 2013
Hollywood film studio term for shameless franchise sequels and spinoffs. Developed in the early 2010s by executives hoping to hush criticism that they were incapable of producing anything other than the reboots and remakes that plagued the early 2000s. EU for short.
"Dude, did you see they're making a different movie for each of the Kardashians that will culminate in one big Kardashian team-up movie?"

"No way! I can't wait to see what they do with the Kardashian Expanded Universe!"
by tkltkl December 06, 2013
A Brain Giggle. It is a more authentic response to something funny than LOL. The Brain Giggle describes an internal response to hilarity, producing at the most a smile, but no actual laughter. To discuss BG's with a friend often sounds much less innocent than it actually is.
“Dude, did you see what Sarah posted on her Facebook?”
“Yeah, man, I BG’d so hard.”
“Weren’t you sitting with your parents?”
“I BG in front of them all of the time.”
by tkltkl March 05, 2013

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