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Derogatory name for an african female's vagina
man I bet Shaqueta has a nasty koon poon!
by titanmike January 01, 2008
1.)When a female walks the tight jeans cause viscosity thus generating heat. Making the median temperature of the vagina to raise.
2.) can be used by male/female to address or compliment a female!(not advised for male to female relations!)
1.) My ohh my I sure do have a hot vag. today.
2.) Katie says to Monica: hey how are you and your hot vag.
3.) Hey Mike you are so lucky Monica is a hot vag.
by titanmike January 01, 2008
When something is better than off the chain it is breakin links
We went to the club last night and it was breakin links!
by titanmike January 07, 2008

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