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Marlboro Cigarettes. Cigarettes. Tobacco
Uncle Bob died of lung cancer, those cowboy killers got him.
by TIMJB1 September 21, 2006
A special button on a Polaroid camera used for company ID photos that you push when you take a picture of a dark person so that the lens will adjust and will enable a clear image.
Make sure you push the nigger trigger when you take the picture of a brother, otherwise the picture will be ruined.
by TIMJB1 September 20, 2006
Similar to a (Sig Alert). A Nig Alert is a warning to the public that members of the African American community are upset over a court ruling or a jury decison in a court case that they do not agree with, thus prompting them to demonstrate or cause civil unrest.
The jury just came back with a not guilty verdict on that white deputy that was charged with roughing up the black gangbanger, someone better issue a Nig Alert.
by TIMJB1 September 21, 2006
A letter, summons or report to place something or somebody on notice for unsatisfactory bahavior or work.
My parents told me that if I get another Nigger Note from the teacher that I'll be grounded for a month!

The supervisor already gave me two Nigger Notes for being late for work, one more and I'm fired!
by TIMJB1 September 21, 2006
A cash register or money box.
At Christmas time the Jewish merchants are the happiest when they are playing the tune of sales ringing on their Jewish Jukeboxes.
by TIMJB1 September 20, 2006
This is a Mexican man who has had a vescetomy.
Ernesto is now a Dry Martinez, he can't knock up any more of his putas since he got his vescetomy.
by TIMJB1 September 21, 2006
A male of middle eastern decent who does not bathe or use deoderant frequently that will typically wear disco type shirts made up of nylon or rayon with the top buttons unbuttoned. The type of fabric harbors the bacteria and body odor which makes the person and wearer quite pungent and aromatic.
Lets get out of this disco, the stink shirts are here.
by TIMJB1 September 20, 2006

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