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To be hung like a horse.
To have a long johnson.

Any of various oriental names used to describe asians with large penii.

Also, see Hung Low

Loretta and I were at the late-night porno show and suddenly this well endowed oriental gentleman appeared onscreen.

"His name must be Wun Hung Lo!" shouted my wife.
by ButtFuzz August 22, 2006
82 7
a person whos name is hung and has a big penis.
that guy hunglo has such a big dick
by hung nigga August 01, 2008
1 1
The name of the folder we put on the shared directory in C++. Then Whitdawg retaliated by threatening us with her own folder telling us using innapropriate names again will give us trouble.
Check out that new student Hung Lo, he's got all the solutions in his folder.
by Whit sux0rz January 06, 2004
7 35