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someone who cares and is there... who just doesn't say they do and not mean it, somone you can call and talk to when your having a really bad time and you can trust with anything .. who won't turn aorund and stab you in the back ...
A good friend will bail you out of jail, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying that was fucking awesome.
by tim May 16, 2004
The best movie in the whole entire planet!!
You'll have to see the movie!!
by tim December 30, 2003
Having too much to drink,
Similar words: plastered, hammered, trashed
my mom is sauced after that party
by Tim October 12, 2003
a word meaning big ol titties
Man that chick got some tig-o-bitties
by Tim March 23, 2004
a person who freaks out when a little spelling mistake has occured or has be a constant little asshole about it.
person a: here's my thesis for the pythagoream theorem

by Tim June 16, 2005
A term used to refer to a corrections officer.
Shithead CO's often turn a blind eye to jailhouse violence.
by Tim April 10, 2005
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