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The metal god that formed the greatest, most consistent (in terms of great albums) metal band Megadeth. Amazing songwriter and guitarist its a pity Metallica replaced him with that tone deaf Kirk Hammet but he can play fast and I guess thats what matters right?
Dave Mustaine has overcome so much in his life whether it be drugs, or the Metallica ordeal (which it is more to it then what has been made public). His sexy golden locks glow and like Samson in the bible they give him his power. Dave is also a more versatile writer then his rivals; seriously Metallica could never write a song like Hangar 18, they arent as creative or talented.
by till_deth_do_us_part January 11, 2006
A festival started by a vision from god given to Dave Mustaine of Megadeth to have the best metal bands of today play at one festival together, each band is different from one another and brings their own genius to the stage. My personal favorite bands that were their include; Megadeth, Dream Theater, Anthrax, Fear Factory, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Nevermore, and Symphony X.
While Dave Mustaine was drunk he saw a vision of Droogie's and She-Wolves moshing to the greatest festival known to man. He would call it Gigantour named after the 1960's anime "Gigantor".
by till_deth_do_us_part November 24, 2005
Heaven; A musicians heaven, of course you would have to play some sort of guitar for it to be your nirvana.
Guitar Center is the greatest place on earth even though they sometimes play emo.
by till_deth_do_us_part November 04, 2005
1) Slipknot.

2) 99% of the metalcore genre.

3)Death Metal vocals.

4)And of course rap.
1) The new Slipknot live album sounds like a bunch of fucking noise, not even coherent.

2) If you ever watch Headbangers ball, all you ever hear is noise.

3) Death Metal vocals are stupid. No one is that pissed and if you are just kill yourself. Real metal vocalist are Mike Patton, Bruce Dickinson, James LaBrie, Geof Tate, Ozzy, James Hetfield, Phil Anselmo etc. guys who can sing agessive or melodically and has some type of purpose to their lyrics.

4)"Im a hustla homey got rocks and cash blah blah blah". Ok your rich, no one gives a damn. Stop making bad music no one gives a shit, and you're a talentless moron who barely made it out of high school but you blame that on the white man and the ghetto because your to much of an irresponsible asshole. Also how hard is it to rap about pretty much nothing but money and women? play a fucking guitar, get in a band and create good chemistry, friendship and music, then I will be impressed. Fuckin rap is the worst, and people automatically think I like it because I am black.
by till_deth_do_us_part November 14, 2005
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